Strong Water Singers

Join members of Strong Water Singers, as they share their 8 year journey of reclamation of traditional values and sisterhood. | SUNDAY
Jordy Yack
August 21, 2023


Tonemah has recorded 10 award-winning albums, of which include his well-known hit singles “Pow Wow Snag” and “Rezzylicious.” | SUNDAY
Jordy Yack
August 9, 2023

Empathic Poetry Café 2023

The Empathic Poetry Cafe program will offer creative reflections on the theme of borders; physical, sociological, and personal. | SATURDAY
Jordy Yack
August 8, 2023

Border Crossing / Blues

Digging Roots and The Ripcords, will perform blues and rock infused songs that reveal the continuity of Indigenous cultures across the dividing line. | SATURDAY
Jordy Yack
August 4, 2023

Beautiful Scars of Tom Wilson

A remarkable point-of-view story of musician Tom Wilson who, after a lifetime of searching, finally discovers his true identity. From his mysterious upbringing, self-destructive music…
Jordy Yack
August 25, 2022

Drums Across Canada

Returning to Celebration of Nations this year, Drums Across Canada is a live and virtual broadcast event that will unite drum circles from eight different…
Jordy Yack
August 11, 2022