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Virtual Procession of Nations

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Call for video submissions

Each year, we proudly welcome participation from many Nations to walk in our Procession of Nations. With the current turn of events this year we have decided to add a virtual twist. Our 2020 theme is our precious FRESH WATER – The Mighty Niagara and Great Lakes Watershed, and we’d be honoured to have you share a greeting for a video compilation we are putting together. 

We are asking our Indigenous brothers and sisters from across the globe to share a non-verbal greeting of your choice (a dance, a wave, a wink, a thumbs up, a virtual hug, just have fun with it) and to take a drink from a glass of water in a short video to signify that we are all drinking from the same cup, that water connects all and water is life! Videos should be at least 10 seconds.


To participate:

  1. Record a short video where you take a drink of water (horizontal format). Bring the glass into the frame from your left, take a drink, and pass the glass out of frame to the right when you’ve finished taking a drink.
  2. You are welcome to share your Nation’s flag, to wear traditional regalia (or whatever you’d like) for the video.
  3. Please submit your NAME, NATION, and VIDEO as a message to Celebration of Nations Facebook Messenger or by email at email
  4. Please submit your video by Tuesday 1 September 2020.

The final Procession of Nations video will be shared via Celebration of Nations’ Facebook page, the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre’s Facebook page and YouTube channel on Saturday 12 September at 10am EST. We would be honoured to have you share your pride as part of the global Indigenous community!

Submit your video by 1 September 2020 via Facebook or email

Download the PDF: Procession of Nations – Celebration of Nations Virtual Gathering 2020 – Final

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