Brian Kon

A modern version of painting that pays homage to the traditional beading that Metis people were known. Dot Art uses a single dot of paint to represent beadwork. Brian uses traditional patterns of flowers and other images from historical clothes and documents as my inspiration. However, the design for the paintings are original. He has been in a number of local art shows and was selected among a panel of international art judges to be under the mentorship of Antoine Gaber. Brian has original pieces, prints and note cards for sale, providing options for all price points of visitors.

Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics

Cheekbone Beauty is an Indigenous owned and operated company established to provide individuals with a high quality, Canadian made, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free line of products while supporting First Nations education.


I intend to further empower the Metis/Native community by having my helping hands in the making of the pieces come from these communities. Most jewellery designers send their design to China and have them reproduced overseas for a very low price. It feels important to me to keep First Nations and their descendants connected and lifted up, and this is my dream. Every piece I make is a meditation, and every piece is cleared and smudged and blessed.

Traditionally Modern

A variety of Indigenous craft, artwork and jewellery such as but not limited to: beadwork, leather, porcupine quill, wirework and Birchbark. Crystal will also offer leather pouch making workshops at her vendor booth (Friday 6pm + Saturday 11am, 1pm, 3pm).


Sweet Dreams and Native Things

Sweet Dreams and Native Things creates are one of a kind, authentically made, Native Cultural Pieces, Art and Decor created by myself, Mandi Montour, Turtle clan member of the Delaware Nation of Six Nations. Most popular pieces are elaborate Dream catchers creating using Antlers from various members of the hooved family. Painted Skulls, smudge Fans, dancing staffs and hand painted Antler jewellery are also included in my collections.

Lynne Marie Sherry

Author Table and Book Signing: “Where Mary Went.” This novel is the first of a three-part series that is set in the period of Indian Agents, Residential School, the Depression, and the Second World War.


Beautiful combination of Colombian cow leather and multicolour fabric applications cut and sewn by hand by Kuna Indians. Each product is a unique art masterpiece representing the wildlife and nature of the region where the tribe lives.

White Bear Art

Clayton Samuel King is a multi-media artist that works predominantly with acrylic paint. The common themes in his work relate to his Indigenous cultural background that is highly influenced by the Professional Native Indian Artist Incorporated, three generations of Woodland School artists and the sublime of nature. He does his best to interpret the knowledge that has been bestowed upon him to help sustain Anishinaabek culture and history through several artistic practices. He has recently been working and experimenting with visible and invisible ultraviolet luminescent paint. Working in the dark is different, but the advantage of this new media has helped him heighten the spectral and metaphysical aesthetic he wants to produce to the viewer. This medium is new to the Woodland Art Style, and it is a medium that Clayton will continue to use in the future.