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LON 360° Indigenous Education Discovery Zone + The Welland Museum

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The Welland Museum – Metis exhibit + Dot Art at home! 

Dot art is great for all ages and can be done easily with materials from home. Children can use rocks, paper, canvas, markers, paint, chalk, paintbrushes, toothpicks, etc. They can recreate the images of plants they see or possibly make their own portraits of nature/water with dots. We would love to see what they make! 

For answers and solutions to these activities scroll to the bottom of the page.


LON 360° Indigenous Education Discovery Zone

We’ve collected some great Indigenous resources for friends and families to enjoy the richness and beauty of Indigenous culture.

Click below for details.

Kids’ Stop: Indigenous Arts, Culture & Heritage – Source: Government of Canada

Learning Indigenous History and Culture – Source: CBC Kids

Indigenous Games for Children – Source: HIGH FIVE

Explore Treaty 9 – Source: Path of the Elders

The Word Indigenous, Explained – Source: CBC Kids News

National Aboriginal Day Colouring Activities – Source: SuperColouring

Click below for colouring pages:

Dream-catcher Colouring Activity – Source: Colouring Home

Caribou Colouring Activity – Source: Canadian Museum of Nature

Haida Art Colouring Activity – Source: Clipart Library

Medicine Wheel Colouring Activity – Source: Clipart Library

Haida Art Raven Colouring Activity – Source: SuperColouring


🤫Click below for solutions to The Welland Museum activities:



Vocabulary Match