Through acts of respect, knowledge sharing, and spiritual transformation as Human and Wolf, JP Longboat gives an interpretive performance of Wolf: A Transformation.

Original choreography by Daystar Rosalie Jones, this dance work is based on a story told and written by Edward Benton-Banai, who gave permission to include the story with this choreography. This Indigenous narrative connects us to the legacy of our intimate relationship with the animals and our territories. It tells of how our early ancestors were given Ma’iingan (Wolf) as a companion to walk with on this Earth journey. To this day, Ma’iingan is a teacher and considered a relative to the people.

Dancer:  JP Longboat
Dramaturge: Jenn Cole
Choreography:  Daystar / Rosalie Jones
Music: Dik Darnell
Costume:  Ma’iingan and JP Longboat
Video: Loki 3D and Cara Mumford

JP Longboat, a storyteller, performer, and multi-disciplinary artist. He is Mohawk, Turtle Clan from Six Nations within the lands of the Haldimand Deed, Ontario, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree through a combined education at the University of Michigan and the Ontario College of Art and Design. He has extensive professional training and practice in traditional and contemporary forms of visual art and Indigenous performance, and his work is centred in the cultural traditions of his people. He is the founder and Artistic Principle of Circadia Indigena – Indigenous Arts Collective based in Algonquin Territory.  And he currently serves on the Board of the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance.