Nokomis 215+ Moccasin Project Workshop

SATURDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 3PM  — LOCATION: Brock University’s Marilyn I Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts — Room 151 (Foundation Studio).

From my heart, my vision is to make 215+ child size moccasins with beaded orange beaded flowers to commemorate our brothers and sisters who didn’t make it home from Canada’s Residential Schools. The goal is for these moccasins to make their journey to the home communities where these schools were located to be honoured and gifted a pair of moccasins made with love as a memento as we mourn and stand with our sister communities.  This project is coming from my heart as I am a Nokomis. I am also honouring My Nokomis and our family’s history as we are products of the colonial practices implemented by Canada’s Residential & Day Schools. With this project I want to create dialog and education around Canada’s Residential Schools as this is still very much a part of our present history as well as to provide healing for our communities. 

Kit includes: leather pieces, beads, beading thread, sinew, 1 beading needle, 1 leather needle.


Shannon Cotter

Shannon Cotter, Ginaajiwa ade kwe (Beautiful Heart Woman) Anishinabek from Alderville First Nations Martin Clan. Shannon is a mother of 2 daughters, a Nokomis of 2 granddaughters and is a community champion and activist with a passion for children and youth. She has dedicated the past 15 years to inspiring youth, providing opportunities for cultural connections and awareness. Shannon is an educator who shares her knowledge through the art of moccasin making, as well as, to help others learn about the horrors of the Residential School system and it colonial and intergenerational impacts that affect many of our Indigenous families. For Shannon, sharing her art of moccasin making with community is a means of building unity and reclamation of traditional practices and values.

September 10 @ 15:00
3:00 pm — 6:00 pm

$15 – Register Here