Welcome to the next chapter in the 101 Deweguns journey, the preparation of 101 Leather Drum Bags.  

Participants will begin the workshop in making their very own personalized leather Medicine Pouch for them to take home. Once complete, with the time remaining, participants will join together in creating leather Drum Bags for the 101 Dewegun project and learning more about this community-unifying work of the collective.

101 Deweguns Living Hearts Legacy

In the Ojibway language the word ‘Dewegun’ translates to mean ‘living heart’. This strong ‘living heart’ medicine has always played a vital role in the human experience and continues to this day in helping remind us of our amazing ability to foster the energy of love and kindness towards one another… to all our Relations. Its very nature heals and maintains our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual grounding, thus enabling us the ability to enhance our collective natural connection to Mother Earth. We believe the ‘101 Deweguns… A Living Hearts Legacy project will empower our hearts and minds to come together in sharing one another’s natural born gifts. This will provide for a safe, healthy environment in which the ‘inner child’ voice in each of us can emerge, blazing a trail into the future nurturing a path of healthy, continuous reconciliation. 

At first glance this initiative may appear to be limited to the physical making of 101Hand Drums / Deweguns, but the core of its vision rests upon so much more. It reaches out to engage and support the creative talent of 101 artists from across Canada, coast to coast to coast, telling their stories of intergenerational residential school impact through the painted canvas of the Drum. These stories will reach out far and wide to help inspire others along their healing journey.

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September 9 @ 12:00
12:00 pm — 3:00 pm

Steve (Lumpy) Donaldson, Jane Paquette, 101 Dewegun Collective

$20 – Register Here