Join Artistic Producer Tim Johnson and Artistic Director Michele-Elise Burnett for a live, virtual exploration of the Landscape Of Nations 360 – Indigenous Niagara Living Museum Tour.

In partnership with Landscape of Nations 360°, that developed the Niagara region’s Indigenous Education Initiative currently active among public and private school systems across the peninsula, Celebration of Nations has produced the virtual Indigenous Niagara Living Museum Tour as a special program and activity affiliated with Plenty Canada!

Once live – The Indigenous Niagara Living Museum Tour found at:, the Indigenous Cultural Map of the Niagara Escarpment website produced by Plenty Canada. 


The deep and compelling Indigenous history of the Niagara Region has, heretofore, never been explored for its unlimited possibilities as foundation for the development of an authentic tour of compelling Indigenous destinations, including Niagara Falls itself. This unique tour program holds great appeal for Canadians, Europeans (for whom 75 percent have an interest in gaining an Indigenous experience when visiting Canada), Asians (at 50 percent), and indeed a global market consisting of lifelong learners.

In addition to the beautiful vista that is Niagara Falls itself, with its stories of powerful forces and influences upon Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe identity, the Indigenous Niagara Living Museum Tour explores Indigenous history locations associated with the War of 1812 and related Indigenous contributions that both defended and shaped the development of Canada; geology of the Niagara Escarpment; Niagara Gorge timeline detailing longstanding Indigenous inhabitation of the area; spectacular public artworks that memorialize, convey, and commemorate Indigenous culture and history in Queenston, Thorold, and St. Catharines; and much more.

The Indigenous Niagara Living Museum Tour has been conceptualized as a museum without walls. Rather than one building with all exhibits contained therein, this Living Museum tour transports visitors via the Internet to multiple locations each offering diverse encounters, many animated by video programs. These experiences are intended to deepen and build an enlightened and inspired understanding of Indigenous peoples of the Niagara Region who have lived in Niagara over the course of some 13,000 years.

September 13 @ 17:00
5:00 pm — 5:30 pm

Michele-Elise Burnett, Tim Johnson