Welcome, Introductions and Smudge is offered to assist students to keep a good mind while creating.  Traditional knowledge is shared about the Dreamcatchers Origins, Teachings and history as it was learned by Mandi Montour from the knowledge that were passed to her from family.  Additional knowledge is shared about our sacred medicine, Winkimwkso/Sweetgrass throughout the class as students are guided through instruction on creating their own Dreamcatchers.  

Students will work from a pre-assembled kit containing: Sweetgrass preformed hoop, Deer hide, wooden, glass crow beads or cones, sinew and feathers (sustainably hunted and or naturally molted) Turkey, Goose, Partridge. 

I welcome students of all ages and abilities to participate in my class. For younger participants I encourage the presence of a guardian to assist them. My goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment where all students can feel comfortable while learning and creating.

Mandi Montour

Lenape/Delaware Nation, Six Nations of the Grand River

A Mother, Artist, Teacher and Entrepreneur. Mandi grew up Southern Ontario in a diverse family that allowed her to grow and learn her culture, traditional teachings, and craft by travelling with family across Ontario.  

Mandi comes from a large family of hunters and gatherers, some of which  aim toward food Sovereignty and a Traditional diet to help maintain healthy living and counter the effects of a colonized diet. Much of the materials found in Mandis work comes from the harvest of these hunts. 

Mandi grew up watching her family make many kinds of Leather crafts and beadwork. She has been crafting since the age of 11 when she first learned how to weave a Dreamcatcher when she was taught by her parents with materials gathered from the land. 

She since has learned various crafts from other family members and Elders.   

Mandi has been grateful to care for her family, make Art and share from her knowledge bundle as much as she can to facilitate many different workshops across Ontario and beyond.

September 10 @ 11:00
11:00 am — 1:00 pm

Mandi Montour

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