Join Elder Franklyn McNaughton (Haudenosaunee) as he shares the teachings of the Medicine Wheel with songs, dance and teachings from the Haudenosaunee lens.  

C – Care, L – Love, A – Appreciation, S – Support, S – Sharing

Learn the Creator’s way of life and our responsibilities as humans on Mother Earth while  learning traditional Haudenosaunee interconnective dances and songs which help to keep us in balance with the Natural World.  It teaches us the importance of our original instructions from the Creator highlighting the  respect for one another and all living things. C.L.A.S.S. teaching is reminded to create a better life and a better understanding of oneself, family, and community. 

*Interactive Dancing and signing will be part of this portion of the workshop 

Frank McNaughton

Elder Franklyn McNaughton

Elder Franklyn McNaughton

An accomplished Haudenosaunee singer and dancer who has presided over hundreds of events and programs spanning several decades — combines a unique blend of good-natured humour with cultural knowledge to educate and entertain audiences. His extensive history extends back more than 35 years to work at the Native American Center for the Living Arts, where he and his expressive arts colleagues performed authentic and traditional songs and dances for visitors and guests from around the world. Frank continues to apply his craft in the service of breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions about Indigenous peoples.

September 9 @ 12:00
12:00 pm — 12:45 pm

Elder Franklyn McNaughton