Birch Biting Workshop with Chantal Rochon


Participants will be able to discover how to BITE shapes  (exercising at the same time “visualization”) into the birch bark creating symmetrical 2-D designs.

Engage in an ancient art, widely practiced through North America for centuries.

Samples of birch bark biting will be distributed to the group for sensory experience; feel, see, smell. The samples will provide information on lines of symmetry and geometric shapes.

Participants will also be guided to use the Birch Bark, by:

  • Folding birch bark.
  • Angles the birch bark can be placed between eye tooth.
  • Creating lines and curves.
  • Technique to unfold the bark, when the design is finished

Chantal Rochon


Chantal Rochon (Métis; Algonquin and European ancestry)

Chantal Rochon is primarily a self-taught artist. Rochon’s journey into the arts began as a child when her grandmothers invited her in their respective studios to play with clay and glass powder, both processes included “fire” and it continued with an endless array of projects and mediums. Chantal Rochon’s humble beginnings mark a life destined for the creative world, and continued into her professional life as an artist, gallery owner and advocate for Aboriginal culture. Rochon’s passion for travels added life experience and a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world she Her love of life and its beauty drives her enthusiasm increasing environmental awareness and our impact on nature. Rochon paints magical surrealism to create a world on canvas, where she combines the magnificence of our natural world seasoned with elements of the manmade visual world (digital imageries).

Rochon’s work blurs the line between the physical aspects of elements and fuses an imagery of spiritual existence in order to consider how we could coexist in greater harmony within the natural world. If you ask her who are you? She will say: “I am born out of two ( two cultures, two genders, two person) to make one. One! Bizhig! Me! Moi! Blessed by life! I am one living with a mass of other ONES, embraced in the nurturing arms of the EARTH. One earth which “we” (all the ONES) share!“


September 11 @ 10:00
10:00 am — 11:00 am

Chantal Rochon