Ascension Aton:wa Harjo is a 19 year old Mohawk, Kickapoo, Seminole from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. He started dancing as soon as he could walk, soon after at the age of 2 he started Hoop Dancing like his father before him. He has traveled all over the world with his parents dancing and performing for many different audiences. Ascension’s passion is Dance! Whether it be powwow, smoke, hip hop modern or hoop he is always dancing and has performed with the likes of Nelly Furtado, World Champion Hoop Dancers Tony Duncan and Lowry Begay, Santee Smith’s Kaha:wii Dance Theatre, Redsky, Taboo(of Black Eyed Peas) and Grammy Award winner Wayne Silas Jr. to name a few. 

Ascension also won the Teen Division Hoop Dance World Championships in 2018 making him one of the most elite Hoop Dancers on Turtle Island! Ascension’s hope is to keep dancing and to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote a positive self image for himself and his culture.

September 11 @ 19:30
7:30 pm — 7:40 pm

Ascension Harjo